World’s Best Women CEOs

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Being a woman. I really feel lucky because women can be a mother, caring sister, loving wife, and cute daughter. But there is another thing that women can do, and that is business.

Yes, women can run a whole industry and even a whole country, as we have a good example of Queen Elizabeth in front of us.

So if they can do it then why can’t you? Are you less than them? No way, you have everything that passionate women should have but the one only thing is a deficiency of motivation.

I am also a business expert and also running a small company with the name of “Women can do it”, and I have struggled so hard to reach where I am today when writing this piece of content.

In the beginning, almost everyone criticizes me and tries to insist me to give up and live a regular life as a mother and wife. But my intentions were strong, and I did not give up anyways.

Today, I am earning a handsome amount, and almost 1000 employees are working in my company in which most of them are women.

So here I am going to share some of the best women in the world who hold companies as a CEO and living a tremendous life. Get inspiration and change your life too.

Ailsa Jason – CEO of “The Electric Shower”

The number one woman that I am going to introduce in my list is Ailsa Jason, who is working as CEO in “The Electric Shower” company that is a UK based bathroom product reviewing company.

Ailsa is an entrepreneur, and she has a great experience of bathing products and plumbing matters. She is a mechanical engineer and has experience in marketing as well.

In an interview with Ailsa, she told us that “it wasn’t an easy choice for me to complete the engineering degree and make a career in the mechanics, plumbing and heating and water systems.

I was a poor girl who wanted to live a successful life, and I dreamed so high that helped me get where I am today. That said, a dream is not a dream if it allows you to sleep, rather plan for it, work hard for it and chase it whatever circumstance comes.”

Now you will get motivation, and you should also try to chase your dreams and be strong and with intention and determination.

Ailsa is a great example for us and we are really inspired by her. She is now working hard to give relief to its customers by providing reviews of the best electric shower in the UK.

Meg Hager – CEO at Raw Halo Chocolate

Who else is who doesn't like chocolate? It’s delicious; it’s sweet, and full of romance as well. Meg adopted the sugar-free diet, which inspires her to run a business with well-balanced dieting food. So she decided to make refined and sugar-free 100% organic chocolates. And after a short while, her idea clicked, and people started to love Meg’s made sugar-free chocolates.

Now she is making 12 different flavours and one of the best chocolate brands in the UK.

Pippa Murray – CEO at Pip & Nut

Pippa was a marathon racer who was living a sports life. So being a sportswoman, she keeps an eye on her diet plan. So during her marathon racer, she started to look for natural sources of protein.

After some struggle and reach, she found that there were only a few brands that were delivering good sources of protein, but they were not very reliable.

So she decided to make her own brand that will deliver 100% organic and safe protein sources. She started her own natural nut butter brand, and now there are 5000 stores of her brands in the UK.

Take Away

So you read about the women who just started their career with a small idea and how they turn that idea into a leading brand name.

This teaches us that, in the beginning, you will always face some struggles, criticism, demotivation from your friends and even family, but in the end, if you stay determinant, you will win the game.

So never lose hope and stay firm and sturdy in your purposes and chase your dreams.


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