Why Military Medals Matter?

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What is the first most striking thing about armed forces personnel? Isn't it that uncreased attire and the powerful persona that they lead? And the icing on the cake is the shiny and bright military style medals on it—just perfect picture. These medals are a sign of accomplishment and recognition of their efforts. Let’s not forget that they also commemorate not only the particular person but, they also elevate the majesty of the overall attire.  

Any person belonging to the armed forces will confirm that the far-fetching importance of these medals is undeniable. So, before we dig into its importance, let’s get familiar with what these medals are.   

What are Military Style Medals?  

The round or star-shaped coins that you see on the uniform of armed forces officers are the first things that anybody would notice. They are either made from gold, silver, brass, or bronze, elevating the uniform’s grandeur or even your house if you have hung them there.   

Only the very few worthy officers reach the highest medal rank that validates their military heroism. The outstanding and exemplary achievements pave the way to get a reward like this. The honor and prestige brought by these medals are the most prominent connotation attached to them. So, it’s not just an aesthetical treat, but it serves a higher purpose: displaying a person’s grit.  

Who Gets Them?  

Personnel belonging to various defense departments in the government sector gets these prestigious awards. Apart from armed forces, officers from the coast guard, marine corps, national guard, or even special services receive them. Also, there are different milestones that an officer has to pass to attain various medals successfully. Every low or high medal sustains a criterion that builds a road towards bigger ranks.  

Not to forget, one person can get multiple medals, which adds up more respect for the achiever. Now let’s see why these medals matter.  

Why Military Style Medals Matter?  

Undoubtedly, the importance of these medals is unmatched. As mentioned above, these medals are not just for the show; instead, they have a higher value. The appreciation and honor that comes through them confirm the extended efforts of a person.   

To make its importance more visible, we scribbled down a few reasons for you. Let’s go through them.  

Historical Importance 

The system of awarding medallions or decorations dates back to the Roman times. However, with time it spread, and now every country has its own awards. The Swedish award For Valor in the Field, Poland War Order of Military Valor is good examples.  

However, in America, it started with George Washington in 1782. Now there is a vast list of medals given for exceptional performance for in or out of the battlefield. 

Elevates Rank and Authority

The gallantry performance that gets a medal also ensures more responsibility. It means that the rank of the officer has increased, hence more authority.   

It mostly takes years of struggle and hard work to get higher ranks like Medal of Honor. Also, not everyone is lucky enough to receive the top medal ranks. The officers have to perform tirelessly and fulfill different criteria to get the next medal in the hierarchy.   

An Award as Rare as Hen’s Teeth  

The rarity of getting these medals is an unobjectionable fact. Medal of Honor, Service Cross, Navy Cross, Silver Star, and Airforce Cross are few of the prestigious medals that are rare. Even small volar acts get low-rank awards; however, only extreme hard work can guarantee top-ranked medals.  

Remember, the most audacious act of bravery can guarantee such awards. It is once a lifetime opportunity, and the ones who get such honor are the best among a considerable population.   

Corroborates Your Efforts  

The first question that popped was, what could be the impact of getting a medal on someone? The simple answer is the recognition and validation that it carries. These coins are undoubtedly a critical mark to honor your efforts.   

They matter because they show how extraordinary your work and struggles have been, and decorations like the American Defense Medal and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal address official appreciation for outstanding achievements. 

Blooms Honor and Respect  

The utmost quality of military style medals is that they add honor and respect up your sleeve. If you are in armed forces, then even the smallest of the badges can bring significant boosts to your career. These medals are primarily validating extra honor for the receiver. So, its importance is a beacon that can set your respect and dignity upon your peers' sky.   

Medals like Service Cross or Medal of Honor are the most prestigious amongst all. Not to mention, such awards not only physically blooms the confidence, but it also impacts the mind. Hence, you become a high achiever. Bronze Star Medal, Civilian Aerial Achievement Medal, and many more awards are there to elevate your stack of triumph.


Admittedly, military-style medals can make you a determined achiever. It not only serves as a higher sense of achievement but also appreciates and validates the receiver’s accomplishments. There is not two way that this victory makes personnel more responsible, authoritative, and career-driven. Inexorably, it is the best way to pay tribute to someone’s act of great courage.  

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