Maximize Productivity With Healthy Energy Shots

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It is no secret that the modern lifestyle drains us. Most of us spend our days overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. Most people make up for their exhaustion by guzzling coffee and chugging sodas and energy drinks. 

If you are like most Americans, you probably have had an energy supplement in the last week. That may be coffee or an energy drink. Some people even use caffeine tablets to get through the day.

There is a reason that a certain coffee chain has locations on every corner in major cities. Americans are tired. Most of us sleep less than should, work more than we ought to, and drink coffee to make it through. 

What if there were a way to boost your energy without the inevitable crash that comes after most energy drinks? What if the beverage we drank to get our mojo back tasted like something you would drink even if it didn't boost your energy? A plant-based energy shot can do that.

Energy Shots Help You Focus

The phrase “healthy energy shots” sounds like an oxymoron. Most energy drinks are based around a lot of chemicals you haven’t heard of, super high levels of caffeine, and more sugar than you should consume in a week.

Healthy energy shots are plant-based vegan beverages that use a combination of caffeine and green tea-based plant extracts to boost your energy and brain activity. They are flavored with only fruit and vegetable juices.

Many energy drinks contain artificial flavors and colors, some of which aren’t legal in many parts of the world. This is due to mixed data and anecdotal evidence that artificial colors can increase symptoms of ADHD. Why would you drink a beverage that makes focus worse, to help you focus?

Natural energy shots work differently. By combining green tea-based extracts with caffeine, natural energy shots turn your brain on to increase brain activity. With your brain firing on all cylinders, you will be able to get much more done!

Healthy Energy Shots Are All Natural

While most energy drinks are full of things most people can’t pronounce, healthy energy shots are completely naturally flavored. This also means no sugar-free sweeteners!

Many natural products use stevia as a non-caloric sweetener instead of artificial sweeteners or sugar. While stevia is natural, natural does not necessarily mean better.

Stevia was not authorized to be used as a sweetener in the US until fairly recently, because there had not been enough studies done on its safety. Stevia had to be sold as a nutritional supplement rather than a sweetener to skirt the FDA restrictions on selling it as food without safety studies. 

Other sugar-free sweeteners tend to be artificial, with a large array of potential side effects. An energy drink to make you productive shouldn’t come with the risk of severe side effects from properly consuming it. 

Healthy Energy Shots are Hypoallergenic

Food Allergies are more common every day. In the past, a peanut or soy allergy could be a childhood death sentence. What we are seeing as many of these kids with allergies get older is an increase in sensitivities. 

For people with sensitivities, eating the wrong thing won’t kill you, but it can make you sluggish and confused. Healthy energy shots don’t contain any gluten or soy, both of which can have a neurological component in those with sensitivities. 

In summary, if you are looking for a way to naturally increase your focus and productivity, without a lot of side effects and an afternoon crash, try a healthy energy shot today!

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