Detoxification from Alcohol and Drugs – All you Need to Know

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When your body is dependent on drugs, you cannot function without them. As such, you need to undergo intense detoxification before you start your rehab process. It makes no sense to go through rehabilitation with the drugs still in your system. If you have no idea what detoxification is and how it is done, read on to understand.

  • Understanding detoxification

Detoxification or detox from drugs is basically removing the drugs from your body. Although it has also been used to mean flushing other harmful substances from your body, we will focus on drugs. The main reason an addict goes through detoxification is to help deal with the withdrawal symptoms from stopping to take drugs.

  • How long does detoxification for drugs take?

Various factors will come into play when you want to detox from drugs. There is no specified time for it. Some of the things you need to look at as you detox include:

  • The drug the user was addicted to

  • How long they have been using the drug

  • The seriousness of the addiction

  • The genetic makeup of the user

  • Any underlying mental condition

  • The detoxification process

There are different ways detoxification is carried out. It will mostly depend on the doctor doing it or the individual undergoing the detoxification. Even with all these steps, there is a standard procedure carried out on all patients before they start detoxifying.

  • Evaluation

Before a patient is put on anything, the medical team will examine them. They will look at the patient's records based on the facts shown above. The doctors will also look at the mental state of the patient. Getting all these details will help the doctors get a better treatment plan for the patient.

  • Stabilization

Once they have decided on the patient's detox plan, they need to stabilize the said patient. The doctors will look at the patient's records and get a way to ensure that the detox plan will not affect the patient's mental and physical health. Where necessary, they will give medication for the patient to manage their withdrawal symptoms.

  • Preparation for entry into treatment

Once the patient has gone through all these, the doctors will start out on the detoxification process. The patients will be informed of what to expect. During the detox program, they will also be monitored closely by doctors in case anything serious happens.

  • What happens after detox?

Detox is the first step into drug and alcohol sobriety. The next step would be to get into a rehab program. Without doing this, the patient might slip into their old ways. The doctors will advise the patients on which program will work best for them and refer them to a rehab center. In this way, the patient avoids any issues of relapses occurring.

Addiction can hit someone hard. The only way to ensure that one gets out of it is by getting into programs that help in the process. One thing the patient can be sure of, they can beat addiction and lead a healthy life.

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