The Best VA Disability Rates

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Filing VA disability is a daunting task. You have to figure out your total disability, which is a complicated process in its own right, and easily messed up. 

After you have determined your level of disability, you have to utilize a chart for VA disability rates to determine your monthly payout, based on a list of factors. Once you have determined what your payout should be, you can apply for your benefits.

Even after filing for disability benefits, your work may not be finished. If the VA doesn’t agree with any of your calculations, you have the choice of either accepting the rate they offer or appealing the decision.

With this many moving parts, the only way to guarantee you get the best VA disability rates is by hiring a disability attorney. A disability attorney can help ensure your claim gets the highest payout possible. 

Disability attorneys know the quirks of the filing system, the most efficient ways to process your claim, and the best way to ensure you receive your proper payment. 

Disability Claims Can Be Complicated

Understanding how much to expect on your VA disability payment can be very confusing. Determining your payment is based on multiple factors. The easiest way to interpret these factors into your rate is to use a disability claim calculator.

To use a claims calculator, you will need to have your doctor's determination of disability in any category no matter how partial. There is some fairly complicated math that is used to determine your total percentage of disabled based on your disability in each category. This is an easy place for errors if you are doing the math yourself, so the calculator comes in very handy.

You can plug into the calculator how disabled you are in as many categories as needed. The calculator will handle the math for you. 

Once your level of disability is determined, you can use the VA disability rate chart to decide how much your total payout should be based on the list of determining factors. 

To get the best payment amount you can, make sure to include all of your dependents, including your spouse. There are additional payments for a fully disabled spouse, and for dependent parents.

Once you’ve included all of the factors on your rate sheet, you are ready to file your disability claim. If the VA agrees with your determination of rates, then you are all set. 

Disability Attorneys Will Have Your Back

If all of this seems like it is too complicated, there are resources available. If you have any doubt about the monthly payment amount offered by the VA, don’t just accept it. 

Once you have agreed to an amount, you don’t have the ability to modify for a year, so if you are in disagreement at any point, you should speak to an attorney about an appeal as soon as possible. 

There are many moving parts to a disability claim, and if you are unsure that the claim is accurate, the best thing you can do is have a professional review your claim and determine if there is a reason to appeal. 

It is totally possible that your claim is accurate, and you miscalculated due to the complexity of your claim. Having a disability professional review your claim will help you to feel better about the accuracy and will catch any errors that have been made. An experienced disability law attorney will know what your claim should be.

In summary, disability claims are complex. Getting the best possible rate will require that you prepare properly, and seek professional assistance from a disability attorney if needed.

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