Dazzle Your Partner with the Gift of a Cushion Cut Diamond

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There is one gift that you can give to your partner, and you can be sure that they will cherish it forever. Yes, we are talking about the widely respected and coveted diamonds. However, while one may think of it as a simple item to buy, the truth could not be further from that. Diamonds are incredibly complex, and the industry around this singular product is exceptionally huge. However, we are going to discuss a specific cut today, and that too is a unique one.

The style in question is a cushion cut diamond which is something you do not find as popularized as a regular rounded diamond. However, when it comes to uniqueness, a cushion cut diamond easily takes the lead, and once you get a taste for them, even round diamonds start to lose their appeal. Let us share some useful information with you that would come in quite handy when buying a cushion cut diamond for your partner.

Types of Cushion Cuts

The name cushion clearly defines the fact that this diamond is supposed to be square and not round. That is also what makes it unique, as a square shape stands out a lot more on the finger.

         Square Cushion Cuts

The most sought after are the three square-type designs, which include the square halo cushion, classic square cushion, and unique square cushion. The halo design has rounded edges, whereas the other two are much more straightened. The unique style also has a slight bulge to it on all sides or some other minute characteristics in some cases. Only the diamonds with a perfect 1:1 ratio on all sides are called squares.

         Elongated and Antique Cushion Cuts

If there is a diamond with a greater than one ratio on two sides, then that one is called an elongated cushion cut. They are mostly found in rectangular shapes and worn vertically on the finger. The last type is the antique cushion cut, which had a lot of popularity before proper cutting tools were introduced. These are hand-cut diamonds and what makes them special is that every piece is unique. Given how incredible some of them look, it really makes you appreciate the craftsmanship when you realize that the jewelers at that time only had candlelight to work with.

What to Buy

There are two things to consider when buying a diamond in a cushion cut design: color and clarity. As far as color is concerned, we recommend choosing a diamond that is market H or better. The letters represent the natural color of the diamond, and every next alphabet is more pleasing than the previous one. You can find H to be somewhere in the middle of the price spectrum with a more than decent color quality.

The second option, clarity, need to be more carefully decided. To get the best-looking results without too much expense, we recommend that you go for an SI2 rating. If you can afford to bump your budget a bit, an SI1 rating would be even better. The thing that you need to keep in mind for cushion cuts is that truly clean diamonds in this shape can be a bit harder to find, so the price difference between categories can be quite significant.


Cushion cuts are some of the most beautiful diamonds out there. With their popularity increasing during current times, it is a huge relief that they are cheaper when compared to round diamonds of the same clarity grade. You could also buy a bigger diamond that way, and that will surely please your partner in the end, which is what matters here.

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