The Best OTC Medications vs Name Brands

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Today most of the common drugs a person would need are sold Over the Counter (OTC) without prescription. That has been a major evolution of the drug market since big pharma companies wanted these harmless drugs to be marketed freely.

The OTC medications are more likely to improve a person's health than deteriorate it. They can deal with common health conditions like headaches, stomachaches, back pain syndrome, etc. Today we will check some of the best OTC medications that have been great name brands across the world. People identify them in many countries with their market name, attracting billions of dollars in sales and profits.


It is the number one anti-inflammatory drug in the United States. It has monopolized the market for many years since it was the only one available for women in pregnancy till the 3rd month. It is easy to consume and has a wise dose scheme. Noone should receive more than two 250mg pills of acetaminophen (the active compound in Tylenol) per day since there may be some liver issues in the long run. Tylenol is also good for muscle pains and toothaches, being the number one OTC drug sold in America and elsewhere.


Aspirin has been the world blockbuster for Bayer pharmaceutical since the late 19th century. The active substance is salicylic acid, known from Hippocrates' ancient times. That acid is good for calming inflammation and giving your body more precious time to self-heal. Doctors give it to people who have the flu and need a fever drug to relieve them from stress and anxiety and take away the pain and soreness. Aspirin would be better not to consume by children and cause some stomachache if you consume it without eating first.


Naproxen is the primary substance of Aleve and the one giving it the activity to suppress pain and headaches. It is sold without a prescription in most of the countries and has a simple dose scheme. No one should take more than two pills per day. Aleve is also suitable for women who face painful menstrual cycles. It can ease pain coming from their uterus and ovaries. On the other hand, Aleve is useful in removing any tension headache since it has dilated vessels in the brain. Its safety profile is guaranteed, and the container can also prevent children from opening it.


Here is the most powerful stomachache and digestive problems liquid drug. People take it for its relaxing actions in the stomach mucous. Lately, we have seen some other forms of the drug being on the market, as chewable tablets or caplets. Its rich and smooth sense can immediately alleviate any stomach pain you may have. The main action of Pepto-Bismol is to reduce the acidity in the stomach and promote digestion in the duodenum area. After a meal with many calories report, people who have taken this drug felt better right away and were able to fall asleep in less than half an hour.


Tums are the alternative for Pepto-Bismol for people who over-react to its substance. Tums are chewable tablets with an excellent taste that contain calcium carbonate as their active substance. You can easily take 3 to 4 Tums tablets per day to feel better from digestive and other stomach issues. It can take excessive gases away from your digestive tract. Not to mention that Tums can also increase the secretion of pancreatic enzymes, which are responsible for digestion in the duodenum.


Most of the OTC medications share the same name worldwide. People trust these drugs and can find them anywhere, even in convenience stores. You should always be careful with OTC drugs since an overdose can still harm you.

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