Why Substitutes for Coffee Can Change Your Daily Routine

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Today we are talking about why you should ditch coffee, how to ditch it safely, and how substitutes for coffee can have a positive effect on your daily life. 

For some people, they just can’t live without their cup of joe. If they go without coffee, it will surely be hell to pay as they can eat, sleep, or even poop properly if they can’t get to their beloved caffeine beverage.

So what exactly happens to our bodies and minds when we drink coffee?

  • After 10 minutes of consuming your morning cup of joe, the caffeine has made it to your bloodstream, which will cause your heart rate and blood pressure to rise.
  • Once we hit the 20-minute mark, you will finally start feeling the effect of your coffee begin to kick in. You can experience an increase in alertness, you can experience increased concentration. 
  • At that 30-minute mark, physical ability athleticism actually improves as your muscle use efficiency is increased.
  • Once you hit twelve hours, your body starts to normalize. It has now metabolized all the coffee, and its superhuman qualities have worn off. 
  • After hour twelve is when you begin to feel the symptoms of withdrawal from no longer having caffeine in your system anymore. You may notice you get cranky, are easily stressed, feel like you are moving in slow motion, and cannot have a normal conversation with someone.

Reasons Why Coffee Substitutes Can Change your Daily Routine for the Better

We’ve pulled together some of our top reasons why you should opt-out of coffee and your unbridled caffeine intake to a coffee substitute. 

Caffeine Messes With Your Sleep Quality

Caffeine is a stimulant to the brain, and it also affects your sleep and sleeps patterns hours after you have enjoyed your hot morning cup.

You may not drink coffee before bed or even after lunchtime, but did you know that coffee can still have an effect on the amount of solid sleep you get? Remember that coffee sticks around in the bloodstream for 12 hours?

When you stop drinking coffee and go through the withdrawal process to the other side, you can actually see results in your sleep habits right away. Most report feeling more rested and more awake before having anything to drink in the morning.

Over Time Coffee is less Effective at Boosting your Energy levels

As a culture, we are dependent on drinking coffee every day to give us that boost of energy just to get through our morning. However, over time our bodies become used to caffeine, and it takes more of the stuff to get us to that feeling of normalcy.

It’s Healthy to Quit or Greatly Reduce Caffeine Dependence

Coffee is so ingrained in our culture that we don’t see overuse of coffee as substance abuse. But just like building a dependency on sugar or alcohol, dependence on coffee can be very detrimental to our health.

You Can Actually Save Money By Quitting Coffee and Trying Something Else

For most of the working world, and for those of us out there living that entrepreneur life, working remotely at a coffee shop can quickly become your favorite office, and coffee addiction can sneak up on us as well as our budgets.

It’s also just as easy to drive through a coffee shop drive-through. You can even use an app on your phone to order your latte before you arrive.

With coffee shops on every corner and a crap ton of applications making our access to caffeine just a click away, it is a wonder we don’t have an IV drip of the stuff just hanging out by our desk.

In conclusion, not only can cutting coffee can save you a ton of money by severing ties with your favorite convenience coffee. But it opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to your health. 

With your new-found budget, you can invest your funds into a healthy alternative that actually provides nutrients and minerals your brain needs to actually function, without all the crazy side effects of caffeine.

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