Find Out if You Need Insurance for Your Pet

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Pets are becoming a much more important part of people’s lives, and they are investing more and more into their wellbeing these days. Among the expenses that one may incur on their pet is pet insurance. It is quite clear that pets play a more significant role in our lives, especially in the millennial generation. This guide will provide you with all the details you need to figure out if pet insurance is something you should go for.

Cost of Getting Pet Insurance

The most crucial part of the whole equation is the cost element and checking if the amount of money you are paying is worthwhile. For example, in the UK, insurance for pets costs around £300, and that amount can go higher if your pets suffer from a terminal condition of some kind. The best way of finding out what side of the balance you fall on is to simply measure your claims against the premiums you are paying.

Average insurance claims for pets in the UK are around £800, which is higher than the premium you pay for the year. However, if you are expecting a bigger bill, it could be a lot more worthwhile as well. Simply figure out what your expected expenses are according to your pet’s condition and make the decision.

Understanding the Risks

The base measure for figuring out if you need insurance is the types of problems you may have to deal with. Depending on the type of pet you have, you will need to consider different things. A veterinarian would be the best person to ask about the kinds of problems that may be present in your specific pet. For example, some specific breeds of cats and dogs have a higher chance of facing problems like:

-        Congenital diseases

-        General illnesses

-        Hereditary conditions

-        Pet stealing

This list is non-exhaustive, and you can find all sorts of specific problems that may be present in each pet.

Typical Coverage in Insurance

Before telling you what pet insurance would cover, we want to make it extremely clear that what you get could vary a lot. Some basic features may be present in most coverages, but parameters could still be quite different. Here are a couple of things that you can expect to get in a lot of policies.

-        Theft or loss: This is a common feature for pet insurance, but many people seem to pay little attention to the value it provides. Make sure that the insurance you are getting has coverage for theft or loss.

-        Behavioral or medical problems: have a decent coverage amount present in this part of the policy and make sure it covers all the typically expected costs that you may incur. Some procedures may even be expensive and could require supervision and direction from a vet so make sure there is room to pay for that.

-        Death by Injury/Illness: Make sure this covers the cost of your pet and any additional cost that may be needed for death certification from a vet and other procedures involved.

-        Cost of treatment: this is the most variable amount in any coverage, so make sure that the amount you are paying covers the typical treatments that you may need to take your pet for.


You can also discuss some things with a good insurer like pumpkin pet insurance to see if they can provide further insight specific to your case. Having a policy with the company you have your personal insurance with could also help decrease the costs, so always check for that.

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