Improve Your Web Design by Hearing Expert’s Opinion

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Hiring an expert web designer or developer for your website enhancement or building from scratch costs a considerable amount. Big companies can sure afford them, but for small businesses, the situation is different. 

If you look for good web design tips online, there are tons of them. But without proper direction, applying those strategies is also not easy as it seems. You also cannot choose to directly copy your competitors' designs and techniques as they may not be perfectly suitable for your business.  

The success of your business website lies highly in the quality of web design. It plays a significant role in representing your brand's credibility. It also has an impact on the bounce rate and conversions relating to your website. That's why this post exists to help you ease your search for good web design tips.  

This article contains a few tips and opinions mentioned by web design experts. If you decide to have a follow-up, these could help improve your website's design. 

Prioritize site speed

You and I, and many other web users must have come across a situation where you just choose to leave a site halfway even though the tasks are not completed. This is because the web page is taking too long to load. This could result in the website's high bounce rate, lower earnings, low conversion rate, and unsatisfactory user experience. 

Hence, putting your focus on enhancing the site's load speed is of paramount importance. As it can also help your website to rank higher on search engines and better user interface.

Choose a simple web design.

You must have heard of the minimalistic approach. People these days prefer minimalism in many things, even in website design. A study by Google has stated that the visitors of a website do not like complex visuals. That is to say, even if the web design is good if it does not please the visitors' eye, it won't be a success. What your visitors want, they should be able to get to it quickly. 

Hence, experts say that web design should be kept simple to make it more user-friendly. You can minimize the number of sidebars on the website and highlight the content more. Customizing a web design layout and theme seems interesting, but experts say to just stick to the standard formats. Unnecessary alterations could clutter up the entire look. 

Input required visual attractions.

One of the most basic functionalities of a good web design is guiding visitors to their desired search intent. Hence, you should give a different weightage to each element of your website. You can add the correct visual aide as per the product, services, and other information. If you follow the popular website design companies, you would know where and how they apply such web designs. 

But it doesn't mean that you should add visual cues to highlight every component. Sometimes, even a simple arrow or finger-pointing emoji could do the trick. If the message you wish to relay to the users by text is long and complex, you can add a quick, short, and understanding video message. There are options like illustrations, graphic text, images, animations, etc., to choose from. 

Limit the users' choices 

You might remember the quote, "too many hands spoil the food." The same is the situation with business websites. Suppose you want to have good earning from online business. In that case, you should not offer too many products or services to potential customers. The more choices they get, the higher is the possibility of them making a decision. 

Moreover, too many varied options could also lack genuineness and authenticity in the eyes of the visitors. To keep the originality of your brand intact, just stick with the most suitable options that you can offer. This approach could also lead to decluttering the website, easy-to-use, and boost conversions.  

You can try reducing the menu lists, or narrow down to one call to action (CTA), or limit form fields, or add only the active social media buttons, etc. There are still many scopes that you can try to improve your web design to make it stand out. You can have a check at the best Florida web design company to know about their successful web design strategy implementations. 

You can term this expert opinion as taking advantage of Hick's Law. 

Better to avoid stock photos

There is no doubt that you find perfect and suitable stock photos online which you want to display on your website. But, originality does matter. However, you are free to use people in your pictures as they can attract more viewers. Unlike stock photos, users can connect better with real pictures.

You can try this trick by changing your text-based landing page to a person's background and seeing any improvement in conversions. It is a simple opinion but pretty effective.

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