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Agadir is a popular tourist resort in Morocco that spans along the Atlantic Ocean's long coast. People come here for a well-deserved relaxation on well-kept seaside beaches, leisurely strolls through streets https://docs.google.com/document/d/171MgHYl3RuxkkD7YktEU9owFgVfeFyvazQC2u9ZE4tI/edit?usp=sharinglined with straight rows of palm trees, and the bustle of oriental bazaars.

Agadir is a relatively European coastal resort, despite its exotic appeal and Berber name. You may comfortably go around in your regular European clothes, there are many decent hotels and restaurants, and there is a wide range of active entertainment options. Agadir is a nice place to do the Morocco private desert tours as you can do the camel ride and go camping at Berber tents
How to get to Agadir
The resort is around 30 kilometers from Al Massira Airport. On its runways, planes carrying passengers from Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen land. Charters from Moscow arrive during the peak of the season. You may fly to Casablanca or Marrakech and then take a Royal Air Maroc domestic flight the remainder of the time.

There is no direct bus service between the city and the airport, which is unfortunate. Those who desire to use public transportation must make transfers in Inezgan. From six a.m. to late at night, transportation is available in this route. The terminal is one kilometer away from the stop, which is on the major road.

If you don't want to bother about transports, you may book a transfer to Agadir at the same time you reserve your hotel. Alternatively, you might employ the services of local taxi drivers after you arrive. It will take roughly thirty minutes to get to town.

You may take a local bus from Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, or Essaouira.

Climate and climate
Agadir is known for its moderate environment, which has mild winters and dry summers. Rain is a rare visitor here, and it seldom overwhelms the city and its environs. The heat also prevents the cold river moving over the huge ocean shore from flowing freely.

The sun shines 300 days a year on the city's streets and beaches. It's never too chilly here; even on frigid winter nights, the thermometer will read at least 10 degrees. The temperature will increase to a delightful + 2022 degrees in the winter, +25 to +30 degrees in the spring and fall, and +35 degrees in the summer.
The months of May through October are the most pleasant for a beach holiday. The air feels warm, yet there is no special warmth in this room. The remaining months are ideal for an excursion program, which will provide an in-depth understanding of the history and beauty of this region of Morocco.

The temperature of the ocean in the coastal zone rises to +19 to +20 degrees. The water will be the warmest in August, September, and October, then cool down in November.

The beaches of Agadir
The main beach in Agadir is a ten-kilometer crescent moon coated in golden sand and bathed in the gentle Atlantic waves. Spend a few hours wandering from the city harbor with the yachts to the river that feeds into the ocean when you arrive for your vacation. At the beach here, you will find many people asking you to do the 3 days tour from Marrakech to Fes from the beach of Agadir, it is an activity to do and much enjoyable.

The wind is still blowing and causing waves at this location. The tides add or deduct a huge zone of 150 to 200 meters from the shore. The entrance is very shallow, but at low tide, you'll have to walk behind the depth.

The beach is free, however you must borrow wicker umbrellas early in the morning. Money will be required for the hire of deckchairs as well as the purchase of refreshments in nearby cafés. Small spaces with lounge chairs and umbrellas are set aside for hotel guests. Tourists and locals have complete access to the rest of the beach. Citizens, in fact, like going to the beach in the evenings to relax by the water with their families. Different sorts of river transportation, paragliding, and surfing are all examples of beach activities. Along the shore, there is a promenade lined with restaurants and cafés. Security is maintained by police patrols, and hotel guests' personal goods are kept by security guards.
Taghazut beach lies a few kilometers outside the town, near the same-named settlement. There is no infrastructure and no inhabitants in the area. Only sand, attractive rocks, crystal clear waves, and surfers may be found. Berbers on camels are occasionally seen here.

Legzira Beach is one of the most picturesque on the Moroccan coast.

The journey from Agadir will take 120 kilometers, but it will be worthwhile. There are still no hotels or infrastructure in place, and there are no tourist crowds. For instance, there are many pople who do the 3 days tour from Marrakech to Merzouga or from Agadir, The strong waves make it unsuitable for swimming, but it's a photographer's and space enthusiast's dream. Legziru is picturesque because to the clay arches that line the coast. Sunset is the most spectacular moment, as the dying light transforms the shoreline into something resembling a Martian landscape.

Agadir Accommodation

Agadir has a wide range of hotels to choose from, including various branches of well-known hotel companies. However, we must bear in mind that a huge promenade separates all of the residences from the beach, and there are no possibilities near the ocean.

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