3 Major Causes of Illiteracy in Pakistan

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Literacy is a termed that it is acknowledging that make to understand the development of the world. In other words we also can say that Literacy is essential and helpful the people of a nation to observe critical nature of world. In this way, a nation will be able to communicate with other world and share their emotions. Literacy play important role in development of a country. Pakistan is on progressing now a day. The overall Pakistan literacy rate is 58%. Pakistan needs to improve their literacy percentage for progresses. There are many facts that effect literacy of Pakistan. Unemployment is the main cause of illiteracy of Pakistan.

Primary routine working and basic knowledge and skills are needed for the development of a nation or country. A number of experts researches and prepared the report of according to their researches. The examined the resources of education system. They search that which resource affects the study of candidate and how much effected it. After that they concluded the result. The result is shocking as there are five resources that affect the illiteracy of Pakistan in only resources of education system in Pakistan. These facts are Curriculum, learning materials, instructional time, instructing strategies and students' learning capacity.

Financial Weakness:

Financial Weakness is main cause of Pakistan illiteracy. According to a survey more than 64% people of Pakistan living in poverty. Its means that, less than 36% people are stable economically in Pakistan. Most of the people of Pakistan lives hand to mouth. So, most of the children sent to earn money for live hood instead of study. These children lose their most of time in earning. They could not attain the class or not bear the expenses the educations. Till they give dominance earning to free of cost education.

Lack of educational Facilities:

Most of the villages of Pakistan do not have the facilities and faculties of educational institutes. Children of these villages leant the basic studies like knowledge of Holy Quran and basic Islamic Knowledge. However, for higher education’s they would to go for other city routine wise. It is default for the less developed areas to travelling for study daily wise or weekend wise. They also face the lack of transport system. In this way, they avoid study and learnt the earning profession. They give priority to agriculture then study.

According to the previous survey, ratio of students who are just saying good bye to school increasing. Researchers experimentally concluded the result that, government would fail to provide the good educational system to students in this way they escape from education. These students select their profession before literacy. Rate of literacy is going down and illiteracy rate is going up in Pakistan. If you want to Join Pak Army Tests and want to learn more about how to get good results then have a look on gotest.


Unemployment is another cause of illiteracy in Pakistan. 5% t0 6% people are unemployed in Pakistan. They make up their mind literacy could not give a jobs. They thought that, people who learn some passion in time would able to earn for live hood. Most of the educated people are Unemployed and living hardly in society. Unemployment makes them disappointed. They lose their hope and could not be able to guide, to motivate other people in favor of education. Unemployment is critical issue of Pakistan. It is big problem in the way of progress of Pakistan. We are facing this problem and not sure how to resolve it.

Factors of Illiteracy in Pakistan:

  • Unemployment.
  • Low Income.
  • Low quality jobs.
  • Bad access to life holds professional development.
  • Not self sufficient.
  • Lack of health facility.
  • Bad system of education in Pakistan.
  • Precious education.
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