5 Best Internets For Gaming

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If you know a gamer or even if you are one, answer this question for us. Did you ever lose a game, match or gaming session only due to their being a lag present during the entire event? Well, of course you have. Lag is a gamers worst nightmare, it obviously frustrates the gamer and pushes the gamer to not fully utilize his time. What do we mean by that? well a person who has sat down to play his favorite online game or console won’t just accept lag during those games. He or she dedicated that time for their relaxation and not dedicated for them to stress about the exact same thing that was supposed to relieve it.

The two things that you could opt for to do if you experience lag or a fault connection are call a representative or check the equipment. Let’s assume that you are a Spectrum Internet consumer and are experiencing a lag, the first thing you do is call the Spectrum Support and ask them to help you out, this will probably solve all your issues but even if they persist, you can double check on your equipment.

Listing The Top 5 Internet Plans For Gamers

  1. Xfinity
  2. Spectrum
  3. Verizon FiOS
  4. Mediacom FiOS
  5. AT&T Fiber

Comparing The Top 5 Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Provider

Average Value Of Latency

Maximum Download Speeds


78.1 ms

1,000 Mbps


95.3 ms

940 Mbps

Verizon FiOS

113.4 ms

940 Mbps



1,000 Mbps

AT&T Fiber

107.3 ms

940 Mbps


Xfinity Internet

Xifinity is not just one of the country’s highest rated internet service providers, it is also the country’s third largest internet service provider in terms of the number of Zip Codes it covers. That piece of information guides anyone looking for a new connection that there is a good chance that Xfinity might be available in your area.

The internet service provider has a connection type that uses cable level of technology and gives us a value of 78.1 ms when we look at its average latency levels. The three states that has Xfinity everywhere as an Internet Service Provider are Massachusetts, Delaware and Maryland.

Spectrum Internet

If you live in the states of Ohio and Maine, then do we have good news for you. Spectrum internet service is one of the very few service providers that have a foothold in these often looked over states.

The three best things about Spectrum Internet are:

  1. No Data Caps
  2. No Contracts
  3. Spectrum Customer Service

Similar to Xfinity, Spectrum Internet is a cable based internet connection. The average latency score that Spectrum internet produces is 95.3 ms which is significantly higher than Xfinity internet. The three states that have the highest coverage of Spectrum Internet are Maine, New York and Ohio.

Verizon FiOS Internet

We know what you were thinking, how can we not have a Fiber Optic connection in the top two positions? Well the answer is that we based our top 5 ranking not on just speed but also on reliability and on which internet service provider is the most accessible long with the one that has a greater stability in terms of connection. 

The internet service provider has a fiber optic connection in place for its consumers, which means that each household gets an independent and dedicated line. The average latency score is 113.4 ms and the company has the greatest presence in the regions of Delaware, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Verizon FiOS is a great internet service to have, there is absolutely no doubt about that but the one thing that is an issue for us is that the internet service is only available in limited areas i.e. Metropolitan Areas.

Mediacom Internet

We are pretty confident that if you live anywhere near the mid-west, then you have surely heard about Medicom internet services. The internet service provider has a very modest basic package of 60 Mbps but goes all the way up to 1,000 Mbps. 

The type of connection that Mediacom supports is againa cable type connection which isn’t the best type of connection to have but if you are getting stable and consistent high speeds in a area that fiber optic isn’t available in, then what really is there to complain about. The average latency score is 87.5 ms and the states that have the most Mediacom coverage are Missesota, Illinois and Iowa.

AT&T Fiber Internet

This company is again a Fiber Optical based internet service provider and one that has been around for quite a while. The company first started delivering high speed internet to its consumers through a DSL type connection but has since upgraded some areas to cope with the times and we are definitely glad about that.

The connection is purely Fiber optical and that on its own should tell you about the reliability and stability that AT&T has to offer. The average latency that we found for the internet service provider was 83.9 ms. The internet provider covers the most of its connection in the areas of Tennessee, Michigan and Mississippi.

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