An alternative email software for 2021

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Gmail is good, right? Well, sort-of. Gmail is one of the best 'major' pieces of email software out there. However, it isn't the best overall email system, particularly if you are running a business. In fact, investing in alternative email software in 2021 may actually be beneficial for a company.

Let's take a look at why you should be looking into a Gmail alternative for 2021, shall we?

Better Business Integration

Google has a wealth of tools available for businesses. The wonderful thing about Gmail is that it integrates with these tools well. The downside of Gmail? It doesn't really integrate well with anything outside of the Google ecosystem. Since most businesses use software outside of the Google ecosystem, this isn't ideal.

Upgrading your email software could assist with integration with CRM software such as Salesforce. Essentially, it makes running a business a whole lot easier. You could be saving tons of time per client, and when you have a lot of clients, this adds up!

Better Email Threading

Gmail is decent for short email conversations. However, once an email reaches a dozen or so replies, the threading becomes difficult to keep track of. This isn't good since a good chunk of business in 2021 is going to be carried out over email.

An upgrade to email software could make it easier for somebody to go through all of the replies to an email. It makes keeping tabs on what has been said a whole lot easier. Things end up becoming a lot easier to track, and this means that information doesn't get lost.

Remember, most business communication in 2020 was done via email. Even more is likely to be done in 2021. We are 100% sure that at some point you had to scroll through a ton of responses on Gmail, and still couldn't find what you want. This is due to that poor email threading.

Better email sorting

Gmail is great, to an extent, for filing emails away for easy access later on. However, their systems have still been designed for your average consumer. They aren't doing business-level archiving. Once again, this makes it difficult to keep tabs on things. Upgrading your email software could change this.

Loop people in on conversations easier

Business emails often require multiple people to be responding to them. Sadly, most email software doesn't make this simple to do. An upgrade to your current system could improve the way in which various staff members interact with emails. This includes filing all responses in the same area rather than having dozens of FW: and RE: emails in yuor inbox. It is better for the customer too as work can be completed faster.

No Advertisements 

Gmail is loaded with advertisements, if you are not on their business plan, at least. This isn't really something that sits well with people. After all, if they are showing you advertisements, it means that they are 'reading' the content of your business emails. Sure, it isn't going to be a real person reading said emails, but it still poses problems.

Of course, you will also end up with advertising all over your email account, and this is never going to be a good thing. It is incredibly distracting!


Opting for better email software could be just what your business needs in 2021. Not only will it make the lives of staff a whole lot easier, but it is also going to work absolute wonders for those that want to increase the profitability of their business. Just make sure that you choose the right software-

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