Difference between A Level and IB Economics Syllabus

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There are obvious differences in between A Level Economics and IB Economics syllabus. As a student, you would be feeling curious to deep dive and understand what those differences are. Here are some of the most prominent differences that you can find in between A Level Economics and IB Economics. 

  • Depth of content 

Depth of content that you have to go through will be the biggest difference that you can find in between A Level Economics and IB Economics. The A Level Economics Syllabus is discreet. However, you will notice that the syllabus of IB Economics is quite holistic. It will provide you with a better learning experience as well. This can be due to the nature of A Leve examination. 

The key objective of A Level Economics Examination is to understand the academic knowledge that you have. However, IB Economics is testing you to understand the knowledge that you have on philosophy. You cannot just cram the syllabus and score high on IB Economics. You will need to have a proper understanding about concepts that are taught to you in the syllabus. Then you will be able to receive all the support needed to score high. 

  • IB Economics is not for super intelligent people 

Some of the students believe that IB Economics is something that is specifically designed for super intelligent students. This fact is not true at all. However, you can find some obvious reasons available for the students to think like this s well.

You will need to commit yourself to the IB Economics syllabus in order to get through the exam. That’s because the exams would test many different aspects of the knowledge you have. Hence, it is important for you to have a strong understanding on the concepts. If you have gone through the IB Economics syllabus properly and if you have a strong understanding in your mind about the concepts, you will receive all the support to score high. This is where you will need to seek the assistance of JC Economics Tuition in Singapore as well. That’s because the exam is not something that you can get through on your own and you will need to seek external assistance to get the most out of it.

  • You will have to put more effort on IB Economics

A candidate who learns for A Level Economics can easily focus on an A. If you can learn the syllabus properly and if you can answer few practice questions, you will be able to secure good marks. However, scoring high with IB Economics is not that easy. You will have to focus heavily on the fundamentals and you will have to spend more time with the practice questions. 

This is why all the students who go through IB Economics should think about investing their money to purchase IB Economics Paper 1 Sample Answers. The sample answers will provide assistance to you with understanding how you should be writing down the answers. This knowledge can benefit you at the time of answering the exam. That’s because the IB Economics exam requires lots of practice and preparation. This will be offered to you only from the sample answers. 

During the practices sessions for IB Economics exam, you can write down your own answers. Then you can compare them with the sample answers. This will help you to get a better understanding about the differences that exist in the answers. While keeping those differences in mind, you should go ahead and improve the answers. This will help you to create a better version of the answer. Likewise, you should continue to increase your knowledge, until the moment you end up learning how to write a perfect answer. 

  • It takes more time to cover IB Economics syllabus 

As you can guess, it will take a considerably longer time for you to cover the IB Economics syllabus when compared to A Level Economics Syllabus. That’s because you deep dive into the concepts and you will learn more about them. On the other hand, you will also be covering a higher number of concepts through the answers that you provide as well.

Final words

Keep these differences in your mind and get ready for the exams accordingly. If you are an IB Economics student, you should understand the depth of it and you will need to focus more on your studies. Then you can end up with scoring high on your exams. This is something that every IB Economics student should keep in mind.

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