Prospecting For Customers With Press Releases and Articles

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A little tight budget to spend on additional marketing? Then, publish your business and "experience" within your community and global marketplace with little or no expense. A well-crafted article or press release may just be the vehicle you need to attract customers and clients to your website.

Your business is newsworthy!

Expose your business to a great extent by issuing press release distribution services. If you are announcing the grand opening of your business, have a new product or service to offer to promote, announcing an upcoming event or company milestone, then a press release is just what you need. The key to getting your press release accepted is that it must be newsworthy to your target audience, not a sales pitch or commercial. You will have the opportunity to promote a short "call to action" at the end of the launch for people to visit your website.

You can issue a press release in two ways: by submitting your release to your local newspaper or electronically submitting it for online publication. Contact local newspapers, abstracts, magazines, etc. and request the contact information for the copy editor. For online press releases, there are also many free as well as paid services. Best press release distribution services company offer valuable advice as well as distribution to various search engines.

You'll find several press release template sites on the web that provide the right format for issuing a press release. Simply "Google press release template" or "press release format" to receive a wide selection of examples. A good press release should also answer the questions of who, what, where, when and how within the body of the release.

Share what you know through articles

Articles are particularly good at showing knowledge or "experience," so to speak. The articles offer tips, training, strategies, trends or general information. The list goes on, but the most important thing is that you establish yourself as the "go to person" for your niche. However, remember that your article should also be informative, not a blatant sales pitch. This causes an automatic rejection of your article. Submit your articles to online newsletters or traditional print media.

You will find many online newsletter editors hungry for information. Actually, they will request articles for their sites and you will see your article published quickly. They usually provide your byline and one or two copy lines to promote yourself and your business.

Even better...

Articles can have an added benefit, often overlooked. Not only do you distinguish yourself from the package as an expert in your field, you can also receive a check in the mail! Advertising with advantages! Many consumer magazines and trade magazines will pay for your knowledge. The only downside is that you may have to wait several months for your article to appear in an upcoming issue. Be sure to check the editorial calendars of the magazines that interest you, some are posted on their website. Editorial calendars will let you know the theme of each issue for next year. Use that information to your advantage and increase your chances of posting!

Articles and press release are an excellent marketing tool. Build name recognition and establish yourself as knowledgeable in your field or niche. Just make sure that your communications and articles provide valuable information that is useful to your audience and you will soon find more traffic directed to your website.

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