The Importance of Showing Some Love to Your Lungs

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First of all, your lungs are one of the most amazing parts of your body.  Allowing us to breath gives us the ability to talk, laugh, sing, cry and so much more.  Keeping your lungs healthy is definitely a good decision.  Understanding more about the lungs and how the respiratory system works will help you consider how to protect them from harm.

The world can present plenty of hazards towards our respiratory system.  Sometimes we take our lungs for granted and don’t fully understand how important they truly are.  Protecting your lungs and keeping them healthy is highly recommended for your health and longevity.  Here are ways to show you lungs some love.

No Smoking

Smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes is a major cause of heart disease, lung cancer and stroke.  Routinely smoking cigarettes over time will put major harm towards your lung tissue.  As time passes these tissues become infected and will trigger a growth in cancer.  Tobacco smoke itself contains over 7,000 chemicals and around 70 are cancer-causing.  Secondhand smoke from burning tobacco and smoke that has been exhaled can do major harm to your health. 

Health Risks Details of Smoking 

Learn Secondhand Smoke Facts

Reasons to Quit


Keeping your body active is a great way to care for your health and lungs.  When you are keeping your body active it influences your lungs and heart to work harder to produce more oxygen into the bloodstream.  Maintaining an active lifestyle will strengthen your muscles and ultimately make your lungs and heart stronger.  Doing routine breathing exercises will help increase lung capacity and make it easier to keep them healthy and strong.  We all already know exercise is good for you.  The benefits of exercise for your respiratory system could be a life changer..

Learn Exercise and Lung Health

Lung and Respiratory Guide

Lung Health Through Breathing

Environmental Exposure

Staying informed on and avoiding toxic substances around the world is highly recommended.  The world contains thousands of harmful chemicals that can affect the lungs.  Some people don’t realize how they may be in danger of exposure to multiple toxic substances at once.  For example, some may have higher levels of radon in their home and it may also be a cigarette smoking household.  In these situations one would be at a very high risk of developing respiratory complications and/or lung cancer..  

A rare type of lung irritation called chemical pneumonia is caused by a virus or bacteria.  Most chemicals mainly affect the lungs, but in some cases the toxic substances can affect other major organs.  It is possible that these dangerous substances can cause the cells in your body to mutate and it may lead to lung cancer.   Being aware of the known environmental hazards that may lead to lung cancer can help you stay away and keep your lungs safe.

Known Environmental Hazards

Understanding Bad Air Quality 

An Air Pollution Study

Why it is Crucial to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

In the world today there are so many factors that can affect the health of our lungs and respiratory system.  At times we don’t even know where we are at risk of exposure to these toxic substances.  Researching the facts and learning to recognize the importance of the lungs can lead you to a long and healthy life.  In some cases these situations can be avoided, and sometimes not, however, the main importance is to know what can be practiced to protect your lungs and keep them healthy and strong..  

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