The Most Detailed SEO Guide in 2021

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Learning the meaning of SEO is easier to grasp. However, knowing how the algorithm works and how it changes year by year could be challenging. It is essential to learn the updated trends to work accordingly. As you all know, what works years before could be invalid or useless today. 

This guide will help you know the new trends this 2020 and see what would play a significant role in ranking first in the search engine results pages.

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  • Have a Keyword Research 

When researching keywords, it’s not only about using SEO tools to give you the most trending with fewer competition keywords. You can try brainstorming or think about the keywords or phrases you will use when searching for that specific niche. 

In short, put yourself in the shoes of the questioner when asking about that specific topic. Another way to search for keywords organically is to connect to a niche and then see all the suggested phrases or words. 

That means people are searching using those keywords. Another note is that long-tail keywords have lower competition than short-tail. So, look for a longer phrase you can use for your content. 

  • Study the High-Ranking Post in the SERPs

Notice that high-ranking post in Google has this specific rule that made them at the top. As you can see, some of the posts have list type articles. This strategy can help create your content in the same niche.

  • Be Unique 

The truth is that there could be more competitive in your niche than you could ever imagine. I am not saying to stop your theme or topic’s ideas. But you have to know how to stand out from the rest. 

For example, you’ll find several topics with similar keywords. These contents are competing from another. So, if you create your blog or web content, your headline should stand out from the rest. 

  • Aim for Featured Snippets 

Don’t just go for the ranking. To make it happen, you need to improve your content. You also need to use the specific keywords in the second paragraph of your article. When your content gets featured in the snippet, there would be a higher possibility of increasing your traffic. 

First, you have to ensure you have a spot at the top 10 on the SERPs first page. If not, your content is not possible to get featured. Another strategy is to write 40-60 blocks of content. If your article is easy to read with a detailed explanation, a snippet will favor you. 

  • Visual Strategy 

Do not forget to put a photo on your content. With a relevant picture on your page, people will eventually show interest. The truth is that people love to search using images. Why? It’s easier and more convenient. 

Whether they are going online shopping or looking for recipes, they are relying on images. That means that photos should be in your content. 

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