Tyre Maintenance: Critical Tips

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Good tyres are expensive and it will be foolhardy not to ensure that you squeeze as much juice as possible out of your tyres as well as keeping it as safe as possible. Not only does bad tyre affect your car handling, but it also affects your safety and car longevity. It is also a crime to drive with tyres which are not road worthy. Here we’ll be sharing very important actions to take for the protection of your tyres.  

 Tyre Pressure

Inflating your tyres with the correct pressure is very important.  First, it’s for the safety of your car and it’s occupants. An overinflated tyre can lead to a blowout under the pressure of driving and this could cause your vehicle to lose control. On the other hand, low pressure will cause your engine to exert more energy, thereby leading to an increase in fuel consumption. It will also lead to the tyre wearing out unevenly due to unbalanced pressure. You should check your tyres regularly, at least once a month. And it’s best to check the pressure in the morning before the tyre heats up. Due to the fact that heat can affect the readings.

Visual Checks

A lot of things happen to the tyre as they go along the road. Once a month make sure to check the general condition of your tyres. Look for faults, such as places where sharp objects might have punctured the tyres without deflating it. If the puncture is really deep don’t pull out the object, go to your repair shop. Also, the smaller cuts may not be immediately detrimental to you tyre, but over time it could damage it. When your tyre wears off too much at the shoulder, this might be an indication of underinflation, however excessive wear at the middle could be an indication of overinflation. When your tyre has worn to the extent where you can see the wear bar, then it’s time to change your tyre.

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Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Make sure your car wheel is properly aligned and balanced. Non-alignment could cause uneven wear and also premature wear. It could also negatively affect your car suspension.   Unbalanced tyres are known to cause extra vibration in the car which could make a driver tire out fast on a long trip.  Do this at least once a year. However, if you leave in an area with really bad roads, you’d have to do this more often. You could check with us at dubaityreshop.com to know when your car needs an alignment. 

Tyre Rotation

What tyre rotation does it to help you tyre wear out evenly, which helps to elongate the usable lifetime of your tyres.  Some car handbooks come with rotation instructions, you should follow that. If it’s not available, then you should rotate your tyre like every 10,000km. However, if your car is a 4x4 car, you might have to do rotation like every 4000 km.  

Replacement Tyres 

Irrespective of how careful you are with you tyres, you’d eventually need to change them. At dubaityreshop.com you can get the best brands of tyres. We have great brands such as BF Goodrich tyres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We also have locations all over the UAE where you can come in for a change of tyres or inspection.

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