What Items Can You Personalize As A Gift?

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Gifts are meant as a memento to mark a milestone or a celebration, but in an age where everything is automated, giving something a bit more personal is uncommon. Personalizing a gift can take it to a whole new level and make it all the more special. It shows the recipient that you went the extra mile and that you care. Even if you aren't crafty or you feel at a loss as to what you can get someone, here are a few gifts that anyone can personalize!

  1. Books

Believe it or not, personalizing a book is easy. For example, if you were heading to a book signing with your favorite author, consider asking for an extra autograph for the intended recipient. Plus, most authors are more than happy to write a person's name and a quick message when inscribing a book.

Of course, you can personalize any book yourself. Did you know you can compile your favorite photos and moments you captured and have them turned into a book? Online print services offer the ability to create memory books that are reproduced on paper with high definition photographs and nice solid binding. Apart from making a great gift, it also makes a fantastic coffee table centerpiece!

  1. Clothing

Clothing, or anything cloth for that matter, is easily personalized. Fun gift websites can custom embroider messages or the name of the recipient onto the clothing. This is ideal if the person works in a profession that requires customization. For example, an embroidered work shirt or a custom apron both make great gifts that remind the wearer of your thoughtfulness.


If you prefer to involve yourself in the personalization, you can screen print your own shirts or choose to use fabric paint and a simple stencil. Don't forget that you can add a person's nickname or favorite movie quote. Any type of text or wording you can come up with can and will make the ideal gift!

  1. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets may seem overdone, but why not compile one yourself? They are fun to make and they really offer you the ability to show someone how well you know them. Themed gift baskets are a great way to bring you closer together, especially if it's a theme you share together. Themes such as movie night, travel, favorite foods, retro candies and games are a great way to create an interactive gift. It is one you can enjoy with the recipient while keeping the gift itself on the useful side.

  1. Photos

Anything with photos is fair game, and though the idea is as old as time, it works. You can have a photo professionally reproduced and framed. Photos can also be easily printed onto surfaces such as blankets, quilts, clothing, home decor or anything really! There are plenty of online companies that specialize in personalizing gifts using favorite snapshots and photos.

  1. Custom Art

Perhaps the most often overlooked way of personalizing any gift is using art. You don't have to have any artistic skill to consider this gift as a choice! There are many professional and hobbyist artists on Etsy that can turn any moment, image or favorite place into a sketch or painting. For example, a house that holds special meaning for you or a deceased relative you wish to remember are easily recreated on canvas.

Many use art as a way to decorate their homes. In essence, this is the gift that keeps on giving. It is one that can blend in with any style and offer a glimpse into a happy moment.

  1. Craft Projects

Arts and crafts are the easiest to personalize. Whether you're making a quick collage or a meaningful work of art, you can add bits and pieces that will mean something to the recipient. In fact, many people choose crafts that enable them to wholly incorporate a life-changing event or fun milestone.

  1. Jewelry

Last, but not least, jewelry wins by a landslide when it comes to personalization. Whether you're seeking the next Pandora charm for a collector or just wish to engrave a simple message, artisans and jewelers alike can help you convey your message.

Jewelry is also the number one wedding and anniversary gift. Rings are engraveable with virtually any message of your choice and it is an heirloom keepsake to pass down through the generations.

Gifts are special and meant as a thoughtful way to show someone you care. Many people forget the true importance of giving a gift that's unique and personable. Next time a birthday, a milestone celebration or an anniversary rolls around, why not think a bit longer on the gift you wish to give? A keepsake is more than just an object. It is a way to show someone that they hold special meaning for you.

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