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Your search for a site that can provide you with the maximum number of fanatics and likes ends here on ACC farm, we are available on Facebook, Instagram, and even on Twitter to provide a boost to your page for official and personal usage.So, don’t wait and claim it. In ACC farm we provide you with the best fanatics support from verified accounts. 

Following the Rules Rightly

All you need now is to concentrate now in few easy rules, you need to know some information before you buy social media accounts from ACC farm which are:

  • We know how excited you are to add advertisements to your page right away just after signing in, but always keep in mind that slow but steady wins the race, you need to keep in mind that just after signing in you need to give your version some time to be well backed up before you add advertisements to your page.
  • A well backed up page will minimum need seven days waiting period time, so please don't change any data within these seven days of the period, like the profile page which you want to boost up theprofile’s information, security settings that includes your page password as well, all these information’s should remain intact within these seven days.If all these changes it will be considered as suspicious activity by these platforms.
  • Always keep in mind the different platform pages like, Facebook account, Instagram account or your Twitter account, you need to handle all these otherwise the platform will freeze your page, when they find out, which mainly falls under violating their basic guidelines rule of controlling or holding multi-account rule possession. So, only one browser or one IP address can be used for your page. Mainly a clean device with a clean IP address is required for the following task to be accomplished.

Dealing with the Account 

After you have successfully purchased fanatics account of your desire, your mind must be lurking you with a question, that is where are the fanatic pages purchases getting stored? Well, let us clarify you, we will send you your purchased pages on your email account with a (text file) or a downloadable link or in a compressed attachment file, or in case if you didn't receive the email of your purchase, you can always find your purchased profiles in your ACC farm profile and you can also check your spam mailbox in your email just in case your purchased profiles is delayed for getting delivered. We have online payment methods for your convenience; you can make your payment by your MasterCard, Visa card, or by PayPal. After successfully you have done your payment, we need some time to process your payment procedure which can be a certain cause for your delivery getting delayed, please do check your mailbox within the next forty-eight hours, and also please do check once in your ACC farm profile cabinet, but there is nothing to get worried if in case your delivery is getting late as this is normal in all cases. 

About ACC Application 

Our ACC farm is considered the no.1 app regarding making fanatics account purchases as we come with a guarantee and replacement services 

  • We provide you with one hundred percent guarantee services like you can always rest assured as we always prioritize your confidentiality regarding your account data and your purchase and payment data as well during transmission of your data and in the future aspects as well. 
  •  We provide hundred percent refunds if your purchased account gets invalid or in case the account is irreplaceable or cannot be delivered.

Our site comes with a replacement facility for the customers as well, like in case of incorrect or invalid data in the account with an already active grantee facility.

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