Why pick the hidemy.name VPN service?

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VPN services have long ceased to be a luxury meant for a handful of technically-apt users. As of now, using VPN networks is absolutely mandatory, seeing how there are now countless ways of stealing your data and violating your privacy. VPN makes sure you and your data stay secure.

Hidemy.name is one of the many such solutions. Admittedly, the market is now overcrowded, and looking through countless similar candidates can be exhausting. What could this service possibly have that others don’t? Well, you might be pleasantly surprised when it comes to that.

What is hidemy.name?

This service offers the latest privacy solutions you could find online. They are mostly used to hide one’s identity and location, but some are also utilized to establish safe, secure connections between users.

Although it’s mainly a VPN service, you could also rent an IP address different from your own or use a proxy server to hide your location/data through a simpler mechanism. Apart from that, you get several more solutions that basically enable you to keep your private information completely secure whatever you might be doing.

You can see the whole catalog of features here: https://hidemy.name/en/

You don’t even need to create an account to enjoy all these tools. They don’t collect your data in any way, which is one of the main principles of VPN services some forget about. Instead, you receive an access code usable for as many as 5 devices (including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS & other devices).

Hidemy.name VPN

VPN is naturally the most cherished and sought-after product this company has to offer. It’s an important tool for security and privacy, and clients put it to the following two uses:

  1. Encryption of all data coming from your device to the webpage you’re visiting. It’s achieved by processing the information through a VPN server owned by hidemy.name. As a result, your data turns into incomprehensible gibberish.
  2. Changing your location to another city/country. It is possible because in order to encrypt your data, you’ll have to run it through one of the VPN servers scattered across the world. As a result, your perceived location (as far as the webpage is concerned) changes to wherever the server is situated.

Advantages of VPN

These uses seem terribly helpful, but how exactly do they benefit you? What are the primary applications of VPN services, and hidemy.name service in particular? Well, there are a few.

  • Prevention of data leakage

The primary concern of most people who spend a lot of time online is to prevent their data from falling into the wrong hands. Information can be stolen much easier than you’d think. You could lose your e-mail, password, credit card info and more without even noticing or suspecting anything. That’s the scary reality of today’s internet.

That’s precisely why VPN is so precious. This sort of encryption is nigh impossible to crack. VPN works like a proxy in many ways (although it mustn’t be confused for ‘proxy servers’). All information goes through a server before arriving to wherever you might be online. 

So, if someone were to steal or request information about you on the internet, they’d likely receive it. However, it would be completely useless and unintelligible.

  • Protection of privacy & location

The protection measures explained above also work if you don’t want anyone to know too much about you. It applies, for instance, to cookies and data collected for better marketing and personalized search results. If it bugs you, this issue is easy to solve by simply using VPN.

Moreover, you can hide from the government or companies by changing your location via VPN. Even if you didn’t pick a far-away location for privacy, nobody would be able to know anything about you or force hidemy.name to disclose such details, seeing how they don’t store them.

  • Better shopping

A minor, but nonetheless fun activity people do with VPN is extended shopping. It has several forms.

The first and the most popular approach is saving money by changing your location on a VPN. This statement may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. Some online stores offer the same product at different prices in different countries. The same thing may cost $100 in the US and $30 in India, simply because Indians wouldn’t afford it otherwise.

Just change your location to a ‘cheaper’ country if you want to save money and enjoy the unintended discounts you now have.

The second one is about getting more content instead of getting the same content for less. So, you know how some businesses censor particular products for citizens of particular countries? It can easily be bypassed if you change your location using VPN capabilities and you will have access to new products. 

How do I buy hidemy.name VPN?

Hidemy.name offers more than just the VPN network, although all the rest seems minor, even if welcome, compared to this high-demand product. Nonetheless, everything is still included in the same package, and it doesn’t matter how much you pay – you always get the same number of features and latest technologies.

Two things about hidemy.name pricing: it’s incredibly affordable & the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

So, a single month would cost you $8 (a fraction of what you’d have to pay for other services), while it only costs $2 a month to buy a subscription for 5 years straight. There are lots of such options: 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years & 3 years. Make your choice and if you didn’t like what you got, you can make a refund within 30 days from the purchase.

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