How to Properly Prepare Your Kids for the SAT

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Ah, the SAT—a test that all kids must take if they are wishing to continue their education at a higher level at University.

While high schools design their curriculum to prepare students to pass the SAT, it is equally up to your kids to ensure they are prepared for the big exam day.

In general, each kid has a different strategy going into the day. And while each kid is different, there is a range of ways you can help prepare your kids for the SAT and give them the confidence to ace that exam and get into the college of their dreams!

That is why we have rounded up our top tips into a guide for making sure your kid has the best possible chance of scoring that coveted perfect score on the SAT.

  1. Sign them up for tutoring

Did you know that sat tutoring is one of the best ways to give your kid an advantage come test day? The reason being is that when it comes to tutoring for the sat, it is all designed to help your kid answer the questions on the test. They will be able to give your kid-specific strategies and techniques to get through questions that stump them and guide them into how much time they should be putting into each of the questions to ensure they finish the exam on time. Getting an sat tutor is also a great way to guarantee your kid will be studying consistently in the build-up to the exam.

  1. Take a prep course

The sat run prep courses to help kids best be prepared for the big day. These courses come with practice books, practice exams and a structured guide on what they should be focusing their time and energy on learning. Practice really does make perfect when it comes to the sat and your kid will greatly benefit for a prep course and study pack to get them that practice they need.

  1. Research the test beforehand

It is important to also understand the sat itself and how the scoring system works so that you can help your kid implement strategies accordingly. For example, different schools require different sat scores for admission requirements. And some schools only make it an optional test. Understanding the score your kid needs to attain helps set specific goals. During test day, your kid will know exactly what they need to achieve on this test and have a purpose for taking it.

  1. Take the test more than once

In addition to taking practice tests, it is also possible to take the sat more than once. In fact, some kids take it at least a handful of times before taking the highest score they get. This is because the majority of colleges only consider the top score—it doesn’t matter how many times you took it to get there. Based on research that has been conducted, the average kid will significantly improve their score after taking the test for a second or even third time. They say a lot of it has to do with confidence! But remember, there is no need to overdo it with how many times they take it—what matters is how close they come to their goal score.

Preparing your kid for the sat doesn’t have to be challenging. There is a range of strategies that have proven to be successful for all types of kids, so why not give a few of these a go as well! And remember to encourage your kid to relax, as at the end of the day their sat score will not define them. 

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